Hello I’m Ronaldo Martinez, before I talk about my beauty career I’m going to give you a hindsight of myself.

I was born on August 7. Latino and proud of my beautiful roots of Guatemala.

I was raised which I consider my country USA. Since my childhood like most of us we have dreams and goals in life. During my adolescence, I realized that I had a passion for fashion and beauty which influenced my personality.
At my young age of 17, I started working for a world-known makeup brand SEPHORA. The art of makeup definitely appeals to me. My passion for the art of beauty has led me to pursue my goals and ambition more. I want to continue learn and be a successful person.

Ronaldo Martinez is an Artist certified in Microblading with an exquisite natural technique providing beautiful hairstrokes certified by Luxury Beauty Studio & Academy, he also has unique skills with Eyelash extension. 

Ronaldo is fluent in both Spanish and English to serve his clients. His passion for the beauty industries is endless and his customer satisfaction is beyond limit!


LBS Artist 

Certified Microblading Artist

Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

Certified Lash Extension Artist