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I came to Lynn because I had a bad microblading job done on my eyebrows by another person. I was very self-conscious and embarrassed about it. Lynn was very gracious and honest with me during my consultation. She accepted to attempt to fix my eyebrows by performing a shading technique, without a guarantee that the end result would be perfect (my previous lady tattooed one eyebrow higher than the other and did the color super dark!).

Lynn was very professional and had great attention to detail during the procedure. She made sure I was comfortable at all times. When she was done and she handed me over the mirror, I was blown away with how great she made my eyebrows look! She exceeded my expectations and I have gotten nothing but compliments from friends and co-workers about my new eyebrows. I would definitely recommend Lynn to anybody who is considering permanent makeup.

Cilla M - Los Angeles, CA

Lynn is AMAZING!! She deserves 10 stars! Her technique is excellent and she is very detailed in her work.  I had the microblading done and absolutely love the results.  Lynn takes great care to ensure her clients feel comfortable and get the results they want! Definitely will refer friends and family to her!

Carolina D. - Laguna Hills, CA

Charlene A - Fontana, CA

Jackie "Joli" T - San Jose, CA

Genevieve N - Garden Grove, CA

I can only put 5 stars but I would give you 20. You're very professional and kind with your customers. You do a very good job , very caution and so is your assistant. Thank you very much , I would recommend you to anybody for the best expectations. My best experience thank you!  Honey!

Where do I start?  I found Lynn shortly after I had just gotten my eyebrows done by another artist, but I loved her work so much that I had to come see her!  After 3 sessions of tattoo removal with Lynn (which was really quick and painless) I finally was able to get my new combo microblade/ombre brows.  Lynn is truly an artist and so attentive to detail. I thought I was the only one who knew exactly how to shape my eyebrows to my liking, but Lynn definitely raised the bar. She knew my eyebrows better than I did! Every day I fall in love with my eyebrows more and more.  Not only is her work amazing and could speak for itself, she is also super sweet and takes the time to explain anything and everything I need to know.  You can tell she really cares about her clients and her work, and I am so grateful I found her!  Cheers to Lynn, blessing the world with beautiful brows one face at a time

Maru M. - Santa Ana, CA.

If you have seriously been thinking of taking up Microblading as a career, I highly recommend training under Lynn!  She is very detailed and she takes the time with you every step of the way.  She has patience to work with you ensuring you have the best technique and confidence to work on real people.  Lynn is a wonderful, sweet and talented artist, and I'm glad to have trained with her.  Till this day, even after 4 months since my training (because you will run into different cases all the time- no face or brow is the same), she still replies to my questions and leaves her doors open for me to visit and refresh when ever I need it.  Lynn has a great following and her clients are always 100% satisfied.  Learn from one of the best in the industry, Lynn!

Best host ever!!! I had been wanting to take Linda Paradis' tattoo removal class for awhile now but it was never convenient due to the various locations conflicting with my busy schedule. But as soon as I saw that Lynn was hosting the class, I rearranged everything to make it happen because it was an opportunity to learn from Linda  and meet the wonderful Lynn!  Her attention to detail and expert customer service included making sure all the necessary materials and products were on-hand and easily accessible so as not to interrupt or interfere with the flow of the curriculum. She made sure we were well fed and nourished so we didn't have to worry about lunch, snacks, coffee and water! She took care of all the BIG and little details so we could concentrate on absorbing the information. Lynn's charming personality and willingness to include everyone really made the two-day course extra special and well-worth money spent. She does an amazing job and I would definitely recommend anyone to search for her hosted classes!  She's so good that my boyfriend enrolled in another one of her hosted class in September.  Thank you for the awesome job Lynn!!!